CCAD/Columbus Partnership Holiday Card

I found out several weeks ago that my illustration was chosen as the Columbus Partnership's holiday card- meaning I won $1000 and my illustration will be sent out to 3,000 people! My name and website are also featured on the back of  the cards. Here is the finalized version. I did  not design the type.  Click on the image to read the whole story in the CCAD blog.


Art Sale Success

Well, the art sale is over and done with. And that is a load off of my mind! I think I sold around 10 or 12 pieces. I did not sell my huge 28x42 owl painting. Large pieces are hard to sell, but they attract attention and make you look impressive! I got some oohs and aahs, so that's enough for me. Overall it was a lot of fun and I look forward to the spring sale. This summer I think I will also be ready to do doing more festivals around Columbus. I should probably start looking into these things now...


CCAD Art Sale endeavors

I have been working on paintings for the CCAD art sale for the past two weeks. It is this Saturday and I have 13.5 paintings finished thus far. I hope to finish a few more tonight, tomorrow and Friday night. I am looking forward to a wildlife painting all-nighter. Should be a good time. I love the art sale. It is so fun to get to interact with people about my art and see others react positively to my work. Below is one of the pieces I have done for it.